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The 7th survey groupsf conference of Horikawa Sen-nin Chosatai (HSC) was held and the change in the Horikawa Riverfs water quality after stopping the transmission of raw water from the Kiso River (TRWKR) was estimated.


Participant of the conference expressed determination to go forward on the Horikawa Riverfs clarifying and revitalization and participate in the urban development that made the best use of the Horikawa River.


When: September 11th, 2010, 13:30 - 16:00

Where: Meijyo Water Treatment Center, Nagoya City





On September 11th, 2010, the 7th survey groupsf conference was held at the Meijyo Water Treatment Center.


At the conference on this day, it was announced and examined the statistical analysis etc. by the citizensf survey groups from April to June when after transmission of raw water from the Kiso River (TRWKR) was stopped on March 22nd, this year.


The points of the change by the stop of TRWKR reported on this day are as follows.



1. By the stop of TRWKR on March 22nd, obviously change was confirmed in the Horikawa River (HR), and the effect of the water transmission was apparent to everyone. 



2. At the section from the Sanage Bridge to the Johoku Bridge that is near to the injection point of water transmission, deterioration of all of the five items that are impression of clearness, transparency, COD, bubble, and smell were confirmed after the stop of water transmission.

3. It was confirmed that the impression of the water quality, the transparency and the COD of the HR became worse between the Asahi Bridge and the Matsusige Bridge. This survey area located little bit far from TRWKR injection point.

However, there was not much difference of the bubble and the smell.


It seems that the transparency and the COD of the HR become worse by stopping TRWKR.

Because the transparency and the COD of the river have been better by the dilute effect of TRWKR, they became worse after stopping TRWKR.


On the other hand, it is consider that the bubble and the smell of the HR have a relation to the sludge in the bottom of the river.

So, the bubble and smell have not changed clearly, because the quality of bottom sludge in the river became worse slowly after stopping TRWKR.


It is consider that it is necessary to survey sustainably in the future.



4. Cigarette butts and the garbage on the street are easy to notice.

This reason is the citizens cleaned up on the street actively by their awareness, and small garbage like a cigarette butts stood out.


It is necessary to survey continuously.  



5. After stopping TRWKR, we can find changes of living things in the HR, for example mass grave of fish. Some participants reported that living things can not found at all.

 We can confirm that habitat of living things has been possibly better, thanks to the effect of improved DO (dissolved oxygen) during TRWKR.

Also we can hear a lot of news about living things from overseas, for example alligator snapping turtle.



6. We concerned that motivation of citizens (especially of survey groups) for their activity would be reduced after stopping TRWKR. But at the 7th stage the activities of citizens (such as the experience and learning event about the water front and the event for enlightenment) were held a lot with rising of citizensf awareness in 2010, the 400th anniversary of the Horikawa River.


 We reported that gHorikawa Community Development Planning Conferenceh was established in Nagoya City because participants in the 6th survey groupsf conference of HSC handed gRequest Letterh for clarifying and revitalizing the Horikawa River to Mayor Takashi Kawamura in February, and also reported that gHorikawa Community Development Planning Conferenceh decided, in the first meeting on 26th August, industry, public administration, academy, and citizen would all cooperate and achieve community development by the effective use of the Horikawa River.

Horikawa Community Development Planning Conference (Japanese Site)


The Horikawa sen-nin Chosatai 2010 (HSC) has been acting in order to evaluate the effect of TRWKR to the Horikawa River (HR) by citizens since April, 2007.

They have done not only survey of the water quality, but also extending activity of the Horikawa Lovers, and interaction with the inhabitants of the basin of the Kiso River.

They expressed their determination to go on the clarification and revitalization activity for the HR, and get in the community development with the HR as Nagoya citizen, and signed their names to the resolution.


There was TV coverage of this conference, in the news of Tokai Television in the middle of the night on that day. The photographs of this TV program are bellow.

@@@@ Summary of the citizenfs survey

@@@@ Survey by Nagoya City administration

@@@@ Full text of the resolution









TV news program, on September 12th 2010.












Resolution and the signatures.




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